Innovative PROcurement techniques to support the GRowth of competitiveness for public services in EASTern Europe

Network to support Pre-Commercial Strategies and policies in Eastern Europe

Theodore Puskas Foundation

Theodore Puskas Foundation is a non-profit, public benefit organization under Hungarian law. Founded in 1992 to introduce and disseminate state of the art foreign and Hungarian technologies, with special regard to information and communication technologies, to establish and maintain relations with foreign and Hungarian firms, research centres and private persons, enhancing their global and regional position, their competitiveness, facilitating the advancement of the Information Society through know-how and technology transfer, knowledge management, partner search.

The spectrum of activities has been complemented by dedicated services improving the competitiveness of enterprises, primarily by way of consulting, technology assessment and technology auditing as well as by the efficient use of information technologies. New tasks serving the public interest have been recently added to the to-do-list of the Foundation especially on government / public administration / critical infrastructures’ ICT security. The Foundation runs the CERT- Hungary (Computer Emergency Response Team, as a key player of ICT security awareness, early warning / alert services, audits, trainings, tailor-made services) bunits focus on Internet security worldwide to provide reliable protection for the computer systems of the Government and the public sector, as well as businesses operating critical infrastructure. The Foundation launched the operation of CERT HUNGARY with the support of the Ministry of Informatics and Communications. In its practice CERT HUNGARY closely cooperates with Internet Service Providers’ Society (ISZT).

One of the recent relevant European references is TRANSFER-EAST project supported by the IST (Information Society Technologies) program of the European Commission we have developed the e-governmental services offered for the civil and entrepreneurial sectors. The goal was to increase the effectiveness of the government and boost the economic competitiveness. The approach was to transfer certain methods and processes already existing and proved in old member states to newly accessed countries. Relevant governmental institutions should have got acquainted with these practices and the program helped public administration with adaptation of them. PTA owns two self-contained buildings and a separate office in the central diplomatic quarter of Budapest.

Main tasks attributed in the PROGR-EAST Project

PTA as a former partner in the TRANSFER-EAST project, was considered as a pair partner for one “old”MS partners for the GPs transfer actions and involved in the awareness raising actions has acquired an in depth experience in the field of analysis of MNS and technology transfer actions to NMS. In the PROGR-EAST project, PTA, as a Partner will be responsible for training on PCP that will be held in Budapest and will be involved in dissemination and coordination activities.